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Ateneo ACTM is the premier Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) organization in the Ateneo de Manila University.

Going Online with ACTM

With the changes in the academic year brought about by the pandemic, organizations in the Ateneo are adjusting their processes to better adapt to an online setup. For ACTM, it’s business as usual—at least according to ACTM’s Office of the President (OOTP). To talk more about their plans for the organization, ACTM President Marco Ricafort and Executive Vice President Noelle Amba join us today to give us a sneak peak into what we can expect of ACTM in the upcoming year.

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Find Your Happy Medium in ACTM

In COA RecWeek 2020: Coalesce, ACTM opened its doors to its next batch of members with the project theme of “Find Your Happy Medium.” The Executive Board carefully strategized and planned for this year’s theme with Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) as the foundation, and in the process, pivoted the organization’s branding to an exciting new direction....

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HeyCTM: Music That Boosts the Study Mood

This is HeyCTM, a listicle of what ACTM members recommend to help guide fellow students into the ins and outs of college life as a ComTech student. As the tunes that blast through coffee shops remain out of reach, we asked some of you what music boosts the study mood as we currently face the challenges of online classes.

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How to Thrive as an Introverted ACTM Member

If there’s anything ACTM members are known for, it’s their ability to excel at both work and play. As a freshman, I would watch coursemates take a full load of subjects, apply for core team positions in organizations, and still have enough energy for block lunches and weekly nights out. With their gift of gab and wide network of connections, they’re the life of the party today, and at the top of the corporate ladder tomorrow. But what about those on the more introverted side of the spectrum?

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Letter to CTM Freshmen and Shiftees

A letter from the former President of Ateneo Association of Communication Technology Management

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