Find Your Happy Medium in ACTM

By Marina Peneyra | September 30, 2020 11:57 PM

In COA RecWeek 2020: Coalesce, ACTM opened its doors to its next batch of members with the project theme of “Find Your Happy Medium.” The Executive Board carefully strategized and planned for this year’s theme with Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) as the foundation, and in the process, pivoted the organization’s branding to an exciting new direction.

The RecWeek theme was the unexpected result of a meeting originally slated for the ACTM branding. During the discussion, the officers were confronted with multiple conflicting views on what the organization has to offer. These polarities eventually led to the creation of the theme “Find Your Happy Medium.”

According to Vice President of Information Management Chelsea Baradas, the theme exemplifies how people view the ComTech program, and by extension, ACTM. “ComTech as a course is really multifaceted. It’s a very holistic course to the point where people think it’s where people go when they’re undecided, and [this] reflects on us as a home organization. One thing that we wanted to show was that being multifaceted is not a bad thing. It’s not bad to have two parts of yourself, to have multiple interests.”

Inspired by a single picture where two complementary elements meet in the middle, the officers used the concept of polarity to develop this insight into what would be known as “Find Your Happy Medium.” Through this concept of polarity, ACTM champions the idea of being in a unique position where creativity and business synergize. Rather than have members decide between creativity and business, ACTM offers a space where they may exercise both. “People consider [ComTech] as jack-of-all-trades kind of thing because it’s very multidisciplinary in nature,” Vice President of Strategic Communications Justin Ginete explains. “I think it’s about time we, as an organization, embrace [this stereotype] and find the happy medium in between.”

Once the foundation of the theme was set, the officers encountered another challenge in its execution. To approach this, the officers exercised the concept of polarity from the theme into their work by fusing two seemingly opposite approaches: creativity and technicality. On the creative aspect, the choice of complementary colors and the motifs of blobs used in contrast to the professional backgrounds were used to convey the two different sides of ACTM. On the more technical side, the Information Management department provided data analysis of the performance of past online promotions to more effectively appeal to the target market.

Through this new approach to ACTM’s branding that further embodies and celebrates the spirit of IMC in the organization, ACTM creates waves for the future of its projects and its branding. While the themes of the next projects for the year are yet to be revealed, members can expect to be surprised by what is to come. “Find Your Happy Medium” reveals the potential of ACTM to bolster and enlarge its vision of creating a community of IMC experts that advocate creativity in the business setting.